Crystal Balloon Light

1.Introduction The Crystal Balloons is an Air-filled lighting balloon with internal construction and stronger tripod stand for outdoor used in big wind. Available light system are in Halogen, LED, Energy saving light bulb, ranging from 6 watts to 1300 watts, with full dimming capabilities, manufactured from 0.9m to 1.8m diameters. Colored or themed covers can…

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Diffusion Sunlight Grip Cloud Balloon

The Grip Cloud Balloon serves multiple purposes on set, saving time for grips and controlling lighting conditions in both daytime and nighttime settings. During the day, the Cloud will cut daylight by 1 or 2 stops and offers a “blackout” setup. At night, it becomes the perfect bounce to keep Magic Hour going longer. Clouds…

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Balloon Light Tower – 600w Led

It is enable to light up 780 m2 in 2 minutes with 81000 lm, and it  is glare free make no shade when you are working. It is novelty with new led lighting system  - light on time and 50,000 hrs life time. Safety: 1.)Flame-retardant fabric 2.)Silver internal reflector improving lumens below the balloon, 3.) increasing light to the…

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Nylon Sky Balloon Light

Nylon Sky Helium Balloon Balloon Technical: Sewing. Balloon Material: Weight: 120g to 150 g/m2 compare to PVC 0.18mm  230 g/m Fire RetardantDurable - warrant  3 yearsAirtight and waterproofGood for Sticker changedWorking temperature: - 35   to 60  Celsius Balloon at house testing Balloon video on youtube

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