Balloon Surveillance

Medium Balloon Surveillance system medium-sized tactical, all-weather aerostat system, ideal for police forces security operations.

Balloon Surveillance System

With the most common payloads including light weight day/night cameras with object tracking and and geo-location facilities. This range of Aerostats can be quickly and easily transported to the chosen location. The rapid deployment of the range offers an ideal solution to providing situational awareness and force protection over a wide area.

Tethered Baloon Surveillance Systems are tailored to the end users requirements including payload capacity, desired nominal altitudes and flight duration. The experienced team at Airborne are available to advise the end user about suitable payloads to meet their systems objectives. The systems payloads are fully integrated ensuring flight stability and reliability and ensuring the safety of the required payload.

Medium balloon surveillance system medium-sized tactical, all-weather aerostat system, ideal for police forces security operations.


Quality Assurance

All systems are designed and manufactured in-house by skilled staff with more than 10 years’ experience, using high quality materials in an ISO 9001production environment. Regular material and process sampling, along with sub-assembly testing during the production process ensures that our products are made to the highest standard.

Customized Solutions

We prides itself on tough, versatile and customized products to meet a range of operational and training requirements. The team are happy to discuss any customer needs and have the insight and technical experience to develop solutions to solve every requirement.

Training we provide

Full operational training provided is available including how to successfully launch, recover and maintain the system to maximize the operational life. From Ground Crew to Flight Directors, Airborne can provide classroom based and field based training, fully documented to meet the needs of the individual customer.


  • Balloon Material: low leakage, flame retardant, UV resistant, against low temperature
  • Balloon A : 144m3 7.2m diameter 
  • Balloon B:  180m3 8m diameter
  • Include: Azimuth Kite, Carbon Fiber Support Tube, load-carrying construction

Ground Support Trailer

  •  Four-wheel trailer : as balloon’s size and volume to choose
  • Generator: AC110V–AC 220V,Power ≥2KW
  • Energy storage battery: 24V/150AH( including charger) 4 battery  volume ≥48V/200AH 
  • External power supply: AC 220V
  • Recovery and release motor: AC 220V, Power ≥ 1.2KW, including force reduction group, cable guide and so on. 
  • Driving motor: DC inverter ,Power≥150W, including storage power cable bucket、tension sensor and so on .
  • Rope Meterometer 
  • Power tensionmeter,
  • Balloon support

Balloon Pressure Control And Emergency System

  • emergency hielium valve,GPS sensor and control module 
  • pressure sendor,air fan,air valve
  • data link and ground station
  • battery volume ≥12V*10AH*2set

Other Service

  • System Integration and Test
  • Repair Kit
  • Packing:
  • Training: