10m Rc Blimp - Pro

Fly As You Want

4400w Rc Gondola

It is electric power with updated 4400w rc gondola system, Big enough power  (equals 2X62cc engines ) for blimp to fly well outdoor  – double motors, half air open, mold design and manufacture. Can work with our autopilot system.

Take off & Landing Hover

Works our autopilot system

Blimp Envelope

Blimp envelope is made of White TPU 15,  less helium leak, flex

Customize painting  -You can painting or stick any color on cover and prop protecters with your favorite 


Siyi MK15 10km range, Autopilot software runs on transmitter, touch control for mapping

Waterproof – With good protection on motor and mechinics part. It allows you to fly blimp & airship any time and all weather.

Prop fold design to Save Package size

Rudder & Elevator

Made of durable EPP material with carbon fabric construction. Better operate and new design