Air Dancer

Air dancers, also known as fly guys, sky dancers, advertising balloons, dancing air tube men… are aerodynamic dancing inflatables made of lightweight parachute like fabrics when powered by  electric fans it causes the tube to move in a dancing or flailing motion. They are great advertising tool that draw attention and drive traffic to retail businesses, trade shows, sale events, car dealerships, used auto lots, gas stations, furniture stores, restaurants or any type of establishments you can think of, they also add fun and fantasy to events to entertain and capture any audience.

Our sky dancer are made of durable rip-stop nylon and two line stitched with high strength polyester thread. This makes air dancer the strongest dancing. Customize air dancers with your company logo, graphics or lettering, Shape.Custom sizes and designs available upon request With lighting system you can illuminate the inflatable at night

2-legs Air Dancer

1-Leg Air Dancer