Aerial Oblate Spheroid Balloon

Lighter Than Air



Aerial oblate spheroid balloon design is intended for all-weather, Low-altitude operation. The round, stubby shape allows it to be flown in any weather or altitudes both the main aerodynamic lift and the aerostatics lift are at the front, while the spar weight and keel are at the stern. Therefore, a balloon remains stable in relatively high winds Aerial oblate spheroid balloon  overcome the short falls of normal tethered balloons, UAV’s blimps 

Tethered Aerostat Balloon – aerial oblate spheroid balloon comprises a helium balloon and fins construction, having a rigid glass fiber spine, with the balloon shaped aerodynamically. The balloon is generally oblate spheroid in shape Solid spars provide attachment points for payload equipment. Wing to balance balloon Fly status.

High winds that send other aerostats crashing to the ground, actually push Aerial oblate spheroid balloon higher into the sky. 


  • Stability

    More stable than blimp platforms in high winds

  • Easily Deployable

    Few Minutes To Install

  • Areas

    Can be used in remote areas

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  • Dependable

    Much more safty than other aircraft, no crash to ground

  • Reconfigurable

    Can install any equipment we you want to

  • All Weather

    It suit for all weather,