Balloon Surveillance

Balloon Surveillance System providing the operator with a persistent, elevated view of an area under surveillance. The  system consists of a tethered helium-filled balloon platform, a mission payload comprising a stabilized payload, and a tether that links the platform and payload to the ground control unit.

Balloon Surveillance  System are designed for rapid deployment and mobility. They are easy to deploy (2-3 person team), operate and transport. The entire system is packed and transported in a dedicated container, using a standard trailer or truck. These cost effective systems operate under all weather conditions, day and night with small logistics requirements.

A payload-carrying balloon can be elevated to an altitude of  (100-3000 m) above ground at wind velocity of up to 40 knots. Mission endurance is few days; a short break for re-inflation is required every few hours. The system is operational in temperatures: -35ºC to 60ºC

System Description

The entire mooring system is based on a towable trailer. On location, deployment takes only 30 minutes to achieve full situational coverage. No preliminary terrain preparations are required.

The system can stay at 100 – 3000 m. It is then brought down for a 30-minute helium refill, and is ready to return to the surveillance altitude.


The system can carry any type of payload, up to 50 kg. 

The high accuracy of the system is achieved by the advanced avionic system installed onboard the airborne package. It combines GPS/INS navigation that pinpoints targets on the video display of the ground control station. Target coordinates can be used directrly by the relevant task forces, in the field, or transmitted to additional forces via existing networks.

Only 3 personnel are needed to fully maintain the system. A single operator is required for the routine ISR operation. Training time is no more than 2 weeks, due to the easy maintenance and user friendly operation and control modes

The system is operational with maritime department and military forces around the world. It has a proven record of performing efficient ISR missions while demonstrating outstanding reliability and cost effectiveness

How to choose right balloon for your task.

There are a number of key factors that will determine the size of Surveillance Balloon you will need to select for your operation, and the following list while not exhaustive, does give a good indication of the factors that we will take in to account in our design process:

Customization and Expansion Options

In addition to low maintenance and operation costs, systems offer a range of customization and expansion options, according to required mission type.