Payload Of Nylon Blimp

Most of client want to know our nylon blimp envelope for remote control.Here I list what they want to know 1.Expected life time of nylon blimp About 5 yrs 2.How long a blimp stay without fill About 8-10 days 3.Payload of 6m, 8m and 10m blimp 6m blimp volume  12.6 m3 weights 4.5 kg payload 8.1…

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Inflatable Mirror Balloon

Mirror Ball are popular decorative ball, suitable for KTV, T station, bars, parties, concerts, new product launches, sports games, new store openings, festivals and other entertainment venues. Product specific size can be customized according to customer requirements, the color is silver.  Mirror Ball  can either put on the ground, reflecting the effect of attracting countless others…

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Nylon Sky Balloon Light

Balloon Technical: -Sewing. Material Technical:1. Weight: 120g to 150 g/m2 compare to PVC 0.18mm  230 g/m2     which means less size and use less helium gas to fly in sky2. Fire Retardant 3. Durable - warrant  3 years4. Airtight and waterproof5. Good for Sticker changed6. Working temperature: - 35   to 60  Celsius7.Better Lighting transmission  Balloon Photos

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Aerostat Helikite Balloon

The Helikite Balloon comprises a helium-filled balloon and triangel wing construction, having a rigid fiber spine, with the balloon shaped aerodynamically. The balloon is generally oblate-spheroid in shape Solid spars provide attachment points for payload equipment. Triangel wing to balance balloon Fly status. The Helikite Balloon design is intended for all-weather, high-altitude operation. The round, stubby shape allows…

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Aerial Balloon

Aerial Photography Balloon is made of Polyurethane fabric, which is good at better quality on Airtight. It can hold helium for few days in good situation, no need to refill gas With the help of veiling, it is much more Stability. Bigger size-bigger Payload. Feature UltrilightBetter Quality in Airtight-Last for DaysStabilizeBig PayloadLast for few Days…

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An Flying Flexible LED Screen

Hope you enjoy this Little Flying Flexible LED Screen DIY how to setup we used an 2 Layer RC Airship, 2 layers means 1 layer PU 1 Layer Nylon for double security of the eblimp. how to make an Flying LED Screen wifi and remote controlled. Helium Luftschiff It´s pretty Light, The Helium Airship can…

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Helium Advertising Blimps

Helium blimp is a great way to advertise your business, create a landmark or use at a trade show. These giant inflated or blimps are a great eye catcher for the consumer who is walking or driving by. This form of advertising is not only effective but very cost efficient. Increase your sales and build…

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Helium Advertising Balloons

Helium balloons are a great way to advertise your business, create a landmark, or use at a trade show. These giant balloonsare a great eye catcher for the consumer who is walking or driving by. This form of advertising is not only effective but very cost efficient. Advertise your business, increase your sales and build your brand…

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How To Fill Helium Gas To Balloon

How to Inflate Helium Advertising Balloon with Helium Gas ! Many client want to know about it, but only our China Advertsing Balloons Co.,ltd give detail infos to show. Helium Advertising Balloons are very nice Tool for Advertising and Event, because they can float instead of falling to the ground. If a helium balloon is…

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Crystal Balloon Light

1.Introduction The Crystal Balloons is an Air-filled lighting balloon with internal construction and stronger tripod stand for outdoor used in big wind. Available light system are in Halogen, LED, Energy saving light bulb, ranging from 6 watts to 1300 watts, with full dimming capabilities, manufactured from 0.9m to 1.8m diameters. Colored or themed covers can…

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