Balloon Light Tower – 600w Led

It is enable to light up 780 m2 in 2 minutes with 81000 lm, and it  is glare free make no shade when you are working. It is novelty with new led lighting system  – light on time and 50,000 hrs life time.


1.)Flame-retardant fabric 
2.)Silver internal reflector improving lumens below the balloon, 
3.) increasing light to the work area and reduce light pollution 
4.) Rain and dust proof material                   – IP54 
5.) Wind resistance of the balloon          80 km/h – 50 mph 

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Lamps: 6X100w

Envelope: 60cm(dia) /45cm h
Average Lamp life: 50,000 h
Maximum Power: 600w
Available Voltage:  110 -240V
Power Supply: Main power or 1.8 kw generator

Warrant: 3 year

Working for:

night works
mining and oil sites
civil security – firefighters
emergency medical services

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