Crystal Balloon Light


The Crystal Balloons is an Air-filled lighting balloon with internal construction and stronger tripod stand for outdoor used in big wind. Available light system are in Halogen, LED, Energy saving light bulb, ranging from 6 watts to 1300 watts, with full dimming capabilities, manufactured from 0.9m to 1.8m diameters. Colored or themed covers can be added as well as custom graphics.

The Crystal Balloons is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be set on a stand, floor plate or rigged. And like all balloons, is projection friendly. 

Our crystal balloon is Powerful, uniform, glare-free illumination perfect for nighttime events or instances where no shadows are desired. Easy installation and ability to move while installed

2. Feature

• Easy to Installation

• Easy to Maintain
• Better Quality – internal contruction for ball holder no move or drop. Professional electrical wire design. 
• Brighten
• Varieties – many models suit for all client
• Good Look-less wrinkle, smooth on surface

3.Balloon Photos

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