We encounter zippers in virtually all areas of our daily lives – as practical or decorative elements in clothing or as mission-critical components in technologically sophisticated products.
The holistic combination of materials science, process engineering and production engineering is essential when it comes to manufacturing zippers that must meet crucial in-dustrial specifications – for instance, relating to waterproof and airtight performance. Thanks to the company’s unique expertise in these highly specialized areas, TCHZIP has become a synonym for zipper systems for diving suits, survival suits and other protective clothing, as well as outdoor bags, tents and inflatable objects.

waterproof & airtight zipper

Inflatable objects

  • Water walk ball
  • Inflatable Shield 
  • Oil booms,Buoys
  • Life raft

The characteristics of the water seal zipper decided it is extraordinary, extensive and important use value. Must be kept sealed structures such as the lock of the gas chamber, water walk ball, tents, life raft, survival gear, the ship was born utensils, ship, pollutants abandoned bags, cover things, sterilization packaging, isolate the hovercraft, water bed etc. 

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  •  Aviation Engine Cover
  •  Launch device Cover
  • Rockets Cover
  • Missiles Cover

An important tool of weapons and equipment seal flexible packaging.

waterproof & airtight zipper

Protective Clothing

  • Heat preservation suits
  • Diving suits
  • Used for submarine escape suits
  • Reduced pressure suits
  • Dangerous prevent suits,
  • Prevent pollution radiation protection suits
  • Serve for the water slide craft’s simple clothes, etc.