Lighted Balloon Stand In Airtight Design

  • Balloon Size: 1.5m
  • Balloon Material: PVC
  • Balloon Design: Airtight Version
  • Lighting : LED Strip
  • Tripod Stand:Option contain or no contain 2.2m iron
  • A complete kit including
  • a. ) Balloon Part b.) Ligthing System c.) Tripod Stand d.) Stand Cover e.) 3 piece Sandbags


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Tripod Stand

2.2m high

Plain Color

2 logo imprint


Air Inflatable Lighting Balloons for Event, Branding and Advertising

The Crystal Balloons is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be set on a stand, floor plate or rigged. 

And like all balloons, is projection friendly



  • Balloon Diameter (cm/ft.) : 1.2m
  • Balloon Material : PVC 
  • Balloon Color: Red, White, Black,Orange,Blue
  • Balloon Logo: digital printing
  • Balloon Weight: 232 g/m2
  • Working Temperature: – 10 to 45 Celsius

Tripod Stand:

  • Iron Stand: 2.2m

Crystal Balloon

The Balloon is an Air-tight lighting balloon for outdoor & indoor


  • Number of lamps:LED RGB Strip
  • Power of light (w) : 5w
  • Power cable: 3G 1.5
  • Average of lamp life  (h) : 35000 h

Lighting :

  • Maximum lumen  (Lm) : 172lm
  • Color Temperature(K): 3100k

Safety :

  • Global protection rating  (IP): 43
  • Noise level (DB) : 0
  • Wind speed resistance  (Km/h / mph) : 30/19
  • Certification: CE

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Contain, No Contain