6m full imprint aerial acrobatic balloon

  • Balloon Size: 6m diameter
  • Balloon Color: Full Imprinted
  • Balloon Volume : 113 m3
  • Balloon Net Weight: 35kgs
  • Balloon lift weight: 78 kg
  • Balloon Material: Nylon with TPU – 2 ply design
  • Balloon capability: high-light weight and better airtight.
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Take a Closer Look

The giant helium aerial acrobatic balloon is also called a low-altitude helium manned balloon. It is a kind of tethered balloon. It works by filling a balloon with enough helium, driving the balloon to take off, and hanging a large ring at the bottom of the balloon to make 1-2 or even more dancers to perform in the air, and a number of wire ropes are tied around the ball to fix it to the ground.Other, You can choose photography and outdoor live streaming accessories for the giant manned performance balloon