Aerial Balloon With Veil – No Frame

  • Balloon’s Shape: Ellipsoid
  • Balloon’s Material: TPU
  • Inflated Gas: Helium Gas
  • Ultrilight
  • Stabilize
  • Better Quality
  • Big Payload


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Aerial Balloon

Flight Time

15 days/time


All Weather


All Weather

Design For All Weather

Aerial Balloon is made of Polyurethane fabric, which is good at better quality on Airtight. 

It can hold helium for few days in good situation, no need to refill gas.

With the help of veiling, it is much more Stability. Bigger size-bigger Payload.

8 m3 Balloon

Net Weight: 4.5 kg

13 m3 Balloon

Net Weight: 6kg

19 m3 Balloon

Net Weight: 9kg

How To Tethered Balloon

  • Main Power:DC Power 12 /24V
  • Winch: DC Power 1.1 kw
  • Automatic Rope Device System
  • Console
  • Balloon Protector
  • Balloon Store
  • Lighting: Protect & Working


  • Sicence
  • Communication
  • Defense&Security
  • Emergence Service
  • Marking
  • Environmental Research

Balloon Photos

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Additional information

Balloon Volume:

8 m3 3X3mX2m, 13 m3 3.5mX3.5mX2.3m, 19 m3 4mX4mX2.6m