Unmanned Airships

The unmanned airship depends on the buoyancy to overcome the weight ,so it has the natural hover ability, long endurance, big load capacity.

It also has the characteristics of the vertical take off and landing, safety, smooth, low flight speed etc. Comparing with others UAV, if have the same load capacity, endurance, the unmanned blimp is more lower cost,more environmental protection , low energy consumption, safe and reliable.

 We ground station or radio to keep the communication, the operator send the command  or radio to control the unmanned blimp from the ground station.The system been widely used in, defense and security monitoring, surveillance, natural disaster monitoring,urban planning, atmospheric environment detection, communication relay , TV relay and loading experiment etc.


  • Airship Material: Double Polyurethane layer coated the rip-stop UHMWPE fibre cloth
  • Volume: 100 to 3000 m3 as size


  • ZENOAH, 3W ,Limbach Vector fuel engine


  • Navigation module,GPS antenna, data link, ground station


  • 20 – 800 kgs(sea level)


  • Electro-optical pod
  • Atmospheric environment monitoring
  • Geophysical exploration equipment

15m Unmanned Airship

16m Unmanned Airships

22m Unmanned Airships

90m Unmanned Airships