High 10m Giant Inflatable PandaBen Cartoon

  • Dimension: 10m high
  • Package: 90x80x80cm
  • Material: Composite Nylon Materials


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A great show, a stylish party, a lively city rally and a bar party show will require some huge inflatable mascots to set off the atmosphere and decorate your event. This kind of effect is basically irreplaceable for ordinary decorative props. In particular, the giant inflatable shape is not expensive and can be reused. The most important thing is that the decorative effect is very good

We made a 10m giant cartoon inflatable panda designed for large-scale electronic music festivals. It is a themed product that is very eye-catching and particularly eye-catching.

This stunning and impressive cartoon inflatable panda, called “Ben”, is made from a special composite nylon fabric that is flame retardant, fire resistant and waterproof. The entire inflatable bear has a height of 10m and a width of 7.8m. The average adult can’t reach its knees and stands beside it. This inflatable mascot is the theme of the entire syllable, placed next to the stage, pushing the atmosphere of the syllables to a climax, stimulating everyone’s adrenaline.

Different styles and sizes of cartoon inflatable shape can be customized according to different customer needs. They are ideal for all kinds of occasions such as syllables/large performances/fashion parties/bars/city gatherings.