Grip Cloud Balloon 12ftX12ft Two Stop Sunlight Diffusion

  • Spec:
  • Size:  12X12X3.3ft | 3.6X3.6X1.1m
  • Balloon Volume: 14.3 cubic meters
  • Helium lift:
  • Material: White Nylon
  • Design:
  • Top Velcro
  • Attached points for ropes – top and bottom
  • Zipper one side for two connections
  • Shipping Infos
  • Packed:  cm
  • Gross Weight:   kg
  • Packed Weight:   kg


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Grip Cloud Balloon

Two Stop | Sunlight Diffusion

Smallest Version

12X12ft | 3.6X3.6m


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Small Volume:

14.3 Cubic Meter