Film Sphere Balloon 4m

  • Film Sphere For Lighting Balloon
  • Application: Film | Cinema | Television | Photography
  • Function: Lighting Balloon
  • Material: Light Grip Cloth
  • Color: White


  • Fire Retardant
  • Airtight and Waterproof
  • All Weather Suit:
  • Working Temperature:-25 degree to 55 degree
  • Better Lighting transmission
  • Inflated: Air or Helium Filled
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How does it work?

The Film Sphere serves mainly purposes on lighting conditions 

Night Work

At night, keep Magic Hour going longer.

  • You can put lighting system inside of balloon 
  • One 18cm plastic plate
  • HMI Lighting
Why choose Film Sphere?


Hold helium gas as longer as possible


Lightweight on material to fabricate the balloon


Durable as long as possible, warrant is 3 year

Working Temperature

All weather suit, -25 degree to 55 degree

Additional information


2m diameter, 4m diameter