22m Unmanned Airship

  • Flight Height: > 2000m
  • Endurance: > 4 hour
  • Wind Resist: > 12 m/s
  • Max Payload :>  20 kgs (ASL 2000m)
  • Volume: 300 m3 and Air Balloonet 70m3


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20m Unmanned Airship

Flight Height

>  2000 M


>  4 Hours

Wind Resist

>  12 m/s

Max Payload

>  20 kgs

Unmanned Airship

The unmanned airship depends on the buoyancy to overcome the weight ,so it has the natural hover ability, long endurance, big load capacity.

It also has the characteristics of the vertical take off and landing, safety, smooth, low flight speed etc.

Comparing with others UAV, if have the same load capacity,endurance, the unmanned blimp is more lower cost,more environmental protection , low energy consumption, safe and reliable


  • Airship Envelope X1 
  • Gondola X1
  • Carbon Fibre Fins X4
  • Autopilot X1
  • PC Ground station X1


300 m3

Air Balloonet:



  • Sicence
  • Communication
  • Defense & Security
  • Emergence Service
  • Marking
  • Environmental Research

Airship Envelope + Rudder Fins

airship unmanned airship
  • Made of double Polyurethane layer coated the rip-stop UHMWPE fibre cloth
  • Production Process – Heat Sealing
  • Automatic envelope pressure control system
  • Safety:Emergency helium valve
air pressure system unmanned airship

Air Pressure System

Task Cabin unmanned airship

Task Cabin

MooringTower Trailer

MooringTower Trailer

Gondola + Autopilot

  • Made Of Glass Fiber Material
  • Double Vector Engine (Limbatch 250 power)
  • UP30 Autopilot System
  • PC Ground Station
  • Starter


unmanned airship

Structure Internal

starter unmanned airship