How To Fill Helium Gas To Balloon

How to Inflate Helium Advertising Balloon with Helium Gas ! Many client want to know about it, but only our China Advertsing Balloons Co.,ltd give detail infos to show.

Helium Advertising Balloons are very nice Tool for Advertising and Event, because they can float instead of falling to the ground. If a helium balloon is just what you are looking for, now you have to know how to  inflate it.


1.1 Common Sense on Balloon – part name

1.2 Common Sense on Helium Gas- It has 99.99% or 99.999% two level, helium 99.99% is popular 

1.3 Buy A Clean Cushion to Protect Balloon

1.4 Buy Tether Rope from local market – 6mm,8mm as balloon’s size

1.5 Buy or rent helium cylinder and connect pipe

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Step 1 – Place Clean Cushion on Ground  to protect Balloon when inflate it

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Step 2 – Place Balloon on cushion and find out hose or air vavle postion

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Step 3 – Buy or rent helium cylinder: You can buy these or rent them from local helium gas stores. If you will be blowing up lots of helium balloons very often, consider buying some, but if this is a one-time thing, rent one instead. When you have many balloons think about our helium recovery machine to save helium cost.

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Step 4 – Connect the pipe with Helium Cylinder nozzle and Balloon’s hose or valve

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Step 5 – Release the helium to inflate  balloon and shape the balloon, use ropes to tether balloon, one is main another is for safe

Step 6 -Buy nylon tethered rope from local market – 5mm,6mm,8mm as ballloon’s size and volume, use electric winch or labor


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