I am a bit unsure how it is operated though

How difficult it is to install

How long does it stay up and how much helium does it need?

Does it need replacing after a while? I presume it does not come with the helium?

What model would you recommend and what is the lead time? Price?

Could you please send me an instruction manual so I can get a feel for how easy or difficult it is to put together. 

What type of emergency it has in case of cable disconnection for your balloon

What is the operating temperature , wind speed for your suggested type and maxim altitude it can reach

What are the accessories that comes with the balloons and the warranty

How often do i need to refill the gas and how frequent does it need maintenance ?

How stable is the static balloon in windy and sunny locations , as it  shall operate at harsh environmen

Could you tell us what is harsh environment

Do you customize the static balloon if i need the following , (emergency light at the top, mounting position for camera, interface pipes for gas and emergency cut off system?

Does the color can be changed

How pure is the helium gas type shall be used

Could I please ask you again to send me an operation manual for a 11 m3 or a 15 m3 Balloon so I can understand how it is set up

A trailer operated system could be highly interesting as it would give me mobility

Can it lift a small load like a camera suspended from the balloon ?

What is the strongest wind they can stay up in.

How long can the balloon stay in the air and what gas can be used in the balloon

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Can I use an balloon to bring some equipment about 3.5 kg to the sky about 100 m above ground?

How many days that balloon can hold helium?

What is the size of the balloons, 8m3 and 13m3?