Tube Film Balloon

How does it work?

The Tube Film Balloon make lighting space more big as you want.

Lighting Source Of Night

Night Work For Photograph

At night, it becomes the perfect bounce to keep Magic Hour going longer.

Endless Custom Size

Tube Balloon are available individually in sizes up to 10m, 15m  and they can even be connected together to create endless custom sizes.

lighting balloon tube 2
lightingballoon tube | Balloon | Blimp | Inflatable | Helium Compressor in China

Why choose Tube Film Balloon?

tungsten balloon light


Hold helium gas or Air as longer as possible


Lightweight on material to fabricate the balloon


Durable as long as possible, warrant is 2 year

Available & Cusotmize Size

5mX2m | 7mX2.5m | Etc